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Wateringen, The Netherlands


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Ter Laak Experience Center and Daylight Greenhouse

At Ter Laak Orchids in Wateringen two completely different but certainly leading projects were realized between 2017 and 2019: the Experience Center and the Daylight Greenhouse.

AAB took care of the construction supervision during earlier construction phases at Ter Laak and also for these projects AAB was brought in. Construction supervisor Richard Groenewegen had to deal with various challenges. "There was already a draft design for the Experience Center, but it still needed to be worked out in detail so that the correct permits could be applied for and the builders could get started," said Richard Groenewegen. The architect Hans Erdmann has created a powerful design with lots of wood and steel, which AAB has translated into a practical layout. The result is an impressive building in which, in addition to an Experience Center, among others a completely new store is located.

To realize the Daylight Greenhouse, optimum use of the available space had to be made. Richard Groenewegen explains: "Due to the expansion with the Daylight Greenhouse, it was necessary to enlarge the existing technical area. After this, the idea arose from AAB to extend the planned 2nd cultivation layer above the processing area and the technical area. This means that 10% more cultivation space is used compared to the available space."
Before the technical area could be realized, a fine example of groundwork was first carried out. The large amount of required piping has been hidden underground, reaching a depth of 1.80 m. It was also necessary to divert an existing OCAP pipeline. Richard Groenewegen: "It is not common to turn to OCAP to have an existing pipeline relocated. It took some time but it has succeeded!"

There are still countless points to demonstrate AAB’s added value. All in all, another successful project has been set up with a satisfied customer. AAB is proud to have been involved in this great challenge.

Ter Laak 13   Ter Laak 20

Ter Laak 15   Ter Laak 9

Ter Laak 01   Ter Laak 07

Ter Laak 16   Ter Laak 19

Ter Laak 23   Ter Laak 32

Ter Laak 57   Ter Laak 62

Ter Laak 59   Ter Laak 107

Ter Laak 60   Ter Laak 67

Ter Laak 77   Ter Laak 83

Ter Laak 82   Ter Laak 80

Ter Laak 98   Ter Laak 112

Ter Laak AAB NL 340 173   Ter Laak AAB NL 340 174

Ter Laak AAB NL 340 172   Ter Laak AAB NL 340 176

Ter Laak AAB NL 340 177   Ter Laak AAB NL 340 178

Ter Laak AAB NL 340 187   Ter Laak AAB NL 340 188

Ter Laak AAB NL 340 196   Ter Laak AAB NL 340 171

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