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Westdorpe, Terneuzen, The Netherlands


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Construction of new premises 4Evergreen Terneuzen

At the end of November 2016, after a construction period of 32 weeks, the first pepper plants were planted in the 18.5 ha new greenhouse of 4Evergreen in Westdorpe.

The greenhouse with a length of 350 metres is a Venlo 8 metres type greenhouse (2x4 m) with a column height of 6.60 m and trellis of 8 metres. By means of a twin roll screen the greenhouse is separated into 2 sections. The greenhouse roof is equipped with tempered Low Iron glass with haze glass (20%) and Anti-Reflexive coating on both sides. A double energy screen has been installed in the greenhouse. The greenhouse is heated with residual heat and CO2 supplied by WarmCO2 Terneuzen.

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