New doublet Geothermie Ammerlaan

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New doublet Geothermie Ammerlaan
New doublet Geothermie Ammerlaan

After being idle for 2.5 years, the Ammerlaan geothermal project is back in production. After problems with the 1st doublet, Ammerlaan has decided to realize a completely new doublet with a larger capacity. This means that even more customers can be supplied with sustainable geothermal energy.

Ammerlaan is the first project in the Netherlands where both homes and greenhouse growers are supplied on a large scale. Without the new doublet, customers threatened to lose their renewable energy.

AAB was approached during the realization of the new doublet. Various departments provided support in the areas of:
- Mediation and financial advice
- Planning
- Technical advice
- Reports, permits, extraction plan and safety documents

After the realization of two new wells, the geothermal source was put into use again in September 2019. At present 24 surrounding greenhouse horticulture businesses with an area of ​​725,000 m² of glass, a school, a sports complex, a swimming pool and 543 apartments use the sustainable heat.

Aerial photo: Ammerlaan The Green Innovator

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