Hillenraad100 appreciates AAB for its innovative strength, vision, and growth potential

9 NOV, 2017 Hillenraad100 appreciates AAB for its innovative strength, vision, and growth potential

AAB achieved 72nd place in the Hillenraad100. The list was presented at the Hortigala Friday evening November 3. Last year AAB ended as 83th, so an increase of 11 places on which we are very proud of.

One of the four pillars of the assessment model is the quantitative assessment of the key business figures. Examples of these figures are turnover growth, result developments and solvency. Based on these figures we achieved the 6th place.

The Hillenraad100 provides an overview of the 100 leading companies in the knowledge and capital-intensive greenhouse and horticulture industries. The list paints a picture of the full cluster, divided into seven segments. Ever since 2003, the Hillenraad100 has been the monitor when it comes to the developments in the Dutch horticulture industry. The Hillenraad100 observes, interprets and looks ahead.

Only 1% of the companies in the Dutch horticulture industry make it into the Hillenraad100. A listing in the Hillenraad100 is an acknowledgement of leading entrepreneurship. These companies show vision, daring and entrepreneurship, and are a guiding light to the sector. 

AAB profile Hillenraad100:
AAB owes its ranking in the new model to the peer group’s great appreciation, recognising aspects such as AAB’s innovative strength, vision, and growth potential. And these are exactly the qualities that AAB wishes to see in its customers, because this company prefers to do business with top entrepreneurs in the horticulture industry that know where they’re going. They are increasingly looking for opportunities in sustainable energy, scaling up, and the use of new techniques. The value of both their property and the enterprise is a key element in this. AAB is at home in both engineering and company valuation. This hands-on specialist doesn’t even hesitate to take the government to court if it stands in the way of a project, and therefore a customer. And successfully at that! This knowledge and decisiveness is appreciated in countries such as China, Canada, Germany, Australia, Brazil and the US. A lot of growth is generated in construction management for big breeders and legal guidance of horticultural entrepreneurs in obtaining permits for their expansion plans. AAB acknowledges that companies and company interests are becoming bigger, and leverages its expertise to ride on that bandwagon.

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