Privacy statement

This privacy statement is applicable to all personal data which AAB BM International B.V. processes on behalf of her clients and business relations.

In case you commission or provide us with other personal data, you authorize AAB BM International B.V. to process your personal data. Please note the following:

In principal an employee of AAB BM Nederland B.V. is responsible for processing the personal data. AAB BM International B.V. is established at Jupiter 420, 2675 LX Honselersdijk, you can reach the company by telephone + 31 174 637 637, or via the general email address

In connection with an assignment or otherwise AAB might process one or more data mentioned below

  • First name, surname
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Gender
  • (postal)Adress
  • Telephone number
  • Email address
  • Bank account number
  • Other personal data which can be of interest in connection with the given assignment

The purpose for processing is always related to the assignment of or other agreement between the client and employee of AAB.
Another purpose for processing can be the request of client to receive the general newsletter.
Also, it can be the case that clients will be informed with an individual/joint newsletter or advice. For example, a newsletter to clients with an assignment for energy advice.

The data will not be used for other than the agreed purposes. The data will never be sold to or sent to any other party without explicit consent of the person concerned. It is possible that the data will be used by other employees of AAB BM International B.V.

Termination and withdrawal
The personal data of concerned person can always be removed. To this purpose the concerned person can sent a written request by mail or email addressed to the above mentioned address.

To unsubscribe the newsletter, one can use the appropriate link at the bottom of the newsletter. Then, the email address will be removed from the mailing list.

Retention period
The personal data will be archived during an indefinite period by AAB BM International B.V. because projects have a considerable lead time or after some years the information can be of interest on realization of a new project. It concerns no privacy sensitive information, but personal data.
The concerned person is always allowed to submit a written request to archive the data for a maximum period of time. In that case, a statement will be made in which this period is determined. This statement will be undersigned by responsible and concerned person.

To protect the personal data AAB BM International B.V. has a firm and strict security policy, for example, updates, passwords, security programs, two stage authentication, awareness, attention for phishing and other cybercrime etc.
For the realization of a project or assignment it might be necessary to contact a third party. For example, greenhouse construction companies, heating installer, municipally etc. The concerned person is aware of this, and acknowledge that the responsible person only share the necessary data and that responsible is not responsible for the processing of data by the third party.

Insight, removal, transfer, complaints and questions

  • Via the general email address one can request to see, receive, modify or remove personal data.
  • If one objects the processing of personal data, one can notify this by email
  • If one wants to submit a complaint, one can send an email to;
  • All other questions can be requested via email

It is possible the statement will be modified. The most recent version is always available on our website

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