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Following the World Horti Center in Westland (The Netherlands) the initiative came to realize the Dezhou Horti Center. Dezhou is a city in the North-West of the provence Shandong in China, the center of many horticultural and agricultural developments.
AAB is assigned as architect for the design of the building. In the meantime a building is designed specific for this location, but also with an international appearance that shows high-tech greenhouse industry both day and night.

Architect Anton Hanemaaijer: 'After being part of designing the World Horti Center and now be able to provide the design of Dezhou Horti Center makes me very proud. Earlier this year I have visited Dezhou to explore the location and surroundings and presented the first design to the local partners. This resulted in a design that is not only setup from our Dutch vision but also meets the needs of the local companies and culture with specific areas in the building.'

AAB designed the main building in commission of Shandong Dutch Standard Greenhouse Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. (‘DSG’) and in cooperation with Dutch Greenhouse Operation Group BV (‘DGOG’). Furthermore, AAB provides the technical designs of the greenhouses in cooperation with HortiTech. AAB is also involved in other Horti Center initiatives.

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